Sound Temple Recording Studios

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The Vibe/Design/Acoustics


Sound Temple is a world class recording studio with a very special vibe!

Whenever musicians talk about recording studios, they inevitably mention the vibe, (even though most studio owners don’t talk about that.) Sound Temple’s vibe is unlike any you may have experienced before.  When you first walk into the studio you’ll notice it’s beautifully designed, clean and neat. There’s a powerful sense of both ‘being comfortable and at home’ and being in an awe-inspiring beautiful space makes up the positive vibe that is a core part of the Sound Temple experience. Musicians say that’s what inspires them to make better music!


The acoustics and layout of Sound Temple are impressive and unique.  In designing the studio, Wes Lachot, who has designed some of the most famous studios in the world, utilized the Fibonacci Scale and The Golden Ratio to create pure, harmonious acoustics in all the rooms. The benefit to you is natural sounding recordings with little or no EQ needed.  

Sound Temple’s six different recording spaces  include a rather large live room with high ceilings, three large iso-booths and two small iso-booths.  The biggest of these uses special acoustic diffusers to basically make the room sonically ‘disappear’ when recording any instrument in that booth. All of the rooms/booths have thick, large glass panes so everyone in a group can see everyone else when recording.  Also, if you’d rather have all the musicians recorded in one big rom, there are double doors on the large booths that can be opened up to let everything bleed for one big recording space.  


Listening in Sound Temple’s control room is also an amazing experience.  It’s treated with custom acoustics (like the rest of the studio) from Brett Acoustics and is as honest as any control room you have heard. There’s reflection free zones in front and back, so you can sit back and hear your music the way it sounded as you sang or played your instrument! 

One other practical and important thing is the fresh mountain air piped into the studio 24 hours a day. Horn players and singers really appreciate the importance of fresh, clean air!


Designer Wes Lachot had studied the architecture and acoustics of all the world’s great temples. This made it obvious that Wes was the right person to design Sound Temple. Wes drew on his vast experience, including the designs of Frank Loyd Wright, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, The Five Elements, The Four Directions, The Fibonacci Scale,  and The Golden Ratio to help design and create a very special and sacred “vibe” within a world class studio. Owner/producer/engineer Robert George supervised the year long construction process, and influenced many aspects of the design, incorporating his beliefs in the intertwining of music and spirituality. The thought, planning and energy to create Sound Temple is evident both visually and acoustically.

To find out more about the unique construction used to create the vibe Sound Temple go here.


Opposite the studio is a beautiful lounge and artist/producer apartment with a full bath, and laundry facilities.  Information on free lodging is  available here. Come to the Blue Ridge Mountains, make music at Sound Temple and stay right in the apartment!