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Audio Post/ADR/Mixing/Voice Recording

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ADR Recording:

Atlanta has become the new Hollywood, and actors in Western North Carolina who work in Atlanta love recording ADR at Sound Temple.  In fact, Sound Temple has become the busiest studio in the area for ADR work, and we typically work on a different movie or TV show each week with a long list of major release references (see “Clients” page). 

Sound Temple has everything a director needs for a great ADR session.  It’s an extremely quiet studio, with industry standard shotgun mics,  (see equipment list here), preamps, a large video monitor in the sound stage and very neutral acoustics for ADR work. Source Connect Pro  and Zoom are used on a regular basis to connect live to other post houses in Los Angeles, New York and other cities. You can feel confident that your ADR will sound like it was recorded in the big city, even though it’s done here in Asheville N.C.  

Sound Temple is located in the heart of Asheville, and is convenient to western Tennessee, upstate South Carolina and surrounding areas.  It’s a beautiful, relaxed, clean studio and the lighting is great.  We make it super easy for actors to record their cues whether they have done ADR before or not.  

Call for rates and more information on ADR recording at 828-633-2149.

Mixing for film and TV:

Mixing for film and TV requires a special sensitivity to storytelling. After years and years of working with music, voice and sound fx, Robert George has developed a signature system of mixing with an all important sensitivity to these elements. He knows how to balance these different elements while always deferring to the voice and advancing the story.  

The perceived quality of a movie is experienced to a great extent via the audio.  The subtle enhancements and needed corrections applied to your film at Sound Temple will take it to the next level! Directors will love listening to and watching their film at Sound Temple in the well balanced, calibrated control room on the big video monitor. Click on the link below to watch a recent movie trailer mix of The Healer mixed by Robert George at Sound Temple.  Original score by Janet Phillips.


The Healer Movie Trailer

 Call for rates and more information on film/tv mixing at 828-633-2149.

Voice recording:

Robert George has recorded, edited, and produced thousands of voice recordings over the years for audio books, industrials, commercials, meditation CDs, documentaries and more.  

Sound Temple is well-suited to voice recording because it is very quiet, very comfortable and the mics and equipment are world class. Source Connect Pro (better quality than ISDN) is available for remote recording to another studio. Editing is done very quickly, saving you money.

Robert has also written copy for many projects over the years and can be very helpful when a much needed last minute, short rewrite is needed ”on the spot”. 

If you want your voice recordings to sound professional, then Sound Temple is a great choice!  

Call for rates and more information on voice recording and editing at 828-633-2149.