Sound Temple Recording Studios

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Studio Equipment Highlights


SSL Matrix 2 Super Analog Mixer (analog mixer w/ digital control and DAW control – 32 channels inline).  32 total Channels of second generation, Antelope Galaxy 32 Synergy Core converters, and a RME ADI-2 DAC fs Pro (2 channel Mastering Grade D/A converter). The entire studio is wired with Cat6 cables for audio/data transmission.  

Condensor-Mics.jpgTube and Fet Condenser Microphones

 (3) Vintage Neumann Km84 SDC,  (1) Serano 87 (vintage U-87 clone), (1) ADK Custom Shop Z-47 tube LDC (clone of vintage Neumann U-47 w/vintage Telefunken NOS tube),   (2) Telefunken M60 matched pair SCD, (3) Shure Beta 98 Amp (Tom Mics) Sennheiser MKH-50 Shotgun mic for ADR/dialog recording, Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun/boom mic for ADR/dialog recording, Sanken COS11D lav mic for ADR, Lauten Audio Snare Mic, (2) Austrian Audio OC818 Multi-patern LDC, (1) ADK Custom Shop Z-251 tube LDC (Telefunken Elam 251 clone w/ NOS Telefunken tube), (1) Shure KSM-32 LDC,  (2) Roswell Audio Mini K-87, (1) Roswell Mini K-47 KD (Fet 47 inspired kick mic) (4) 3U Audio SDC  CM100 Transformer (Neumann KM84 Clone), (2)  3 U Audio Warbler MkID LDC Matched Pair (vintage Neumann U87 inspired mics), (2) Vintage CAD E-350 LDC (a darker Neumann FET-47 inspired mic),  (1) Sterling ST31 SDC,

Ribbon MicRibbon Microphones

 (2) Royer 121 Matched Pair, (1) Royer SF-1, (2) AEA Nuvo N8 Matched Pair, (2) Stager RN-2 matched pair, (2)  SE Electronics Voodoo VR-1 matched pair

Dynamic MicsDynamic Microphones

(2) Sennheiser MD-421,  (2) Shure SM-57,  Shure SM7B, Electro Voice RE-20,  Shure Beta52A,  Heil PR-30,  Telefunken M80, (2) Audix i5,  Audix D2,  Audix D4,  Audix D6,  Electro-Voice ND46,  Electo-Voice ND-868,  (2) Lewitt DTP 340 TT Tom mics,  SE Electronics V Kick, Audio Technica ATM23HE,  AKG D320B,  Miktek PM-10, Red Howler harmonica mic.

PreampsMic Preamps

(2) Classic API VP-28, (2) Classic API Heider FD312, Phoenix Audio DRS-8 (8 channels Neve type),  Heritage Audio HA73EQ2 (2) channels Neve 1073 type with EQ), Heritage Audio HA73Q (single channel)(2) A-Designs Pacificas (4 total channels Neve/API Hybrid), (2) AEA RPQ-500(w/EQ), Integer RMP2 ribbon/dynamic mic pre (2 channels),  Atlas Juggernaut Twin (2 channels), Focusrite ISA-430, (2) Cranborne Audio Camden 500, (3) Fethead inline phantom powered preamps,                   (2) Locomotive Audio 86B-2 Tube Preamp.


Unknown-1 (2) LA2A clones made by IGS Audio (One LA),   (1) Audioscape 1176 D (fet comp) Neve Portico 5043 (2 channel) VCA Compressor, (2) Empirical Labs EL8 Distressors,  (1) JLM LA-500 (LA-3 inspired comp), TK-Audio BC2-ME  (2 channel) VCA Mastering Compresser, (1) T-Komp (Varimu style comp), (1) Focusrite ISA-430 Compressor,  (1) Focusrite ISA-430 De-esser.


 Great River/Harrison 32EQ 4 Band Parametric (2 channels),   Kush Audio Electro 5 Band Parametric EQ (2 Channels),  (6) Alta Moda AM-25 4 Band Parametric EQs (6 channels),  ISA430 Four Band Parametric EQ,  Heritage Audio HA73EQ (3 channels),  AEA RPQ-500 (2 channels).


Dynaudio M3As (bi-amped main soffit mount monitors),  Bryston 4B SST2 Pro power amp (lows),  Benchmark AHB2 power amp (highs/mids), Bryston 10B LR Pro Crossover, APS Klasik 2020 (near-fields) with a Neumann KH805 Subwoofer (down to 25hz).


Fatboy Tube Direct Box, RADIAL JDI Passive DI, Radial Pro D2 (stereo) Passive DI,  Little Labs Red Eye 3D passive/active DI plus re-amping device,  Radial Twin City ABY Switcher, Radial SGI (balanced guitar cable extender).


Keyboard stuff:

Yamaha C6 Piano (6′ 11′ Grand Piano in mint condition with artist adjustable piano bench),  Nord Electro 4D Keyboard (authentic Hammond B3  you want on your record),  Neo Ventilator II Digital Leslie (the most authentic one available) Roland DS-88 synth with great bread and butter electric piano etc. (piano/weighted action).

Guitar and bass stuff:

Kemper Profiling Amp with over 300 totally authentic boutique, vintage, classic, rare and modern amps, Savage Macht 12 Guitar Amp, Ampeg Rocketbass RB112 bass amp, MXR 15 band EQ Pedal, MXR Dynacomp Pedal, Line 6 M5 Multi-FX Pedal, TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb Pedal,  Radial Twin City ABY Amp Switcher.

Drum stuff:

Phattie Drums (custom/hand made). The Phattie kit includes 22″ and 18″ bass drums, 14″ and 16″ floor toms, 10″ and 12″ rack toms and 6.5″ x 14″ snare.  This is one of the finest boutique kits ever made with thinner shells for lower fundamentals and harmonics and one of the fattest (hence the name Phattie) sounding drum kits you will ever hear.  Also a smaller Ludwig Gigbeat Maple kit. Snare drums include a vintage 14 x 6.5“ WFL Ludwig wood snare from the 1960s and a vintage 14 x 6.5″ Ludwig Supraphonic hand hammered metal snare drum  from the 1970s (with die cast hoops), a 6.5″ Phattie maple snare drum (with die cast hoops) and a deep 14 x 7.5 maple Limited Edition Pearl snare. Cymbals include K Zildjian (K Constantinople 20” Light Ride, K 18” Dark Thin Crash, K Dark Thin 17” Crash, Sabian 14″ Hi Hats, Bosphorus 13” Hi Hats) and Yamaha & DW hardware.

Misc GearMiscellaneous Gear includes:

Apple M2 Max MacStudio with 32 gigs memory and 12 TB of storage, Samsung 27″ curved monitor, (2) Purple Audio 10 Space 500 Series Racks, Hearback Headphone Monitoring System (with 9 headphone mixers). LG 42″ hi def video monitor in control room, LG 32″ hi def video monitor in live room, Mackie MR8 Live Room Monitors, (2) Equitech Balanced Power Supplies, (3) Furman PL8 II Power Conditioners, Telos One Digital Hybrid, Coleman Monitor Switcher, Fostex D5 DAT, MOTU Micro Lite Midi Interface, Peterson Strobe Tuner, (5) REDCO TT/Bantam 96 point Patchbays.

DAWDigital Audio Workstation software includes:

Pro Tools Studio 2024, Nuendo 12, Logic Pro X 10.x, Cubase 10 Performer 11.

reverbbundleAudio Software and plugins include:

Source Connect Pro for real time “studio to studio” voice overs, ADR or music recording. This works similar to traditional ISDN sessions but with better audio quality.

Here’s a short list of the audio plugins.  Liquidsonics Reverbs, Many Universal Audio, Soon, Amp, Sound Radix, Spectrasonics, Neold, DMG Audio, All Izotope Plugins, All Plugin Alliance, Acon Digital, Native Instruments, Fabfilter, Sound Toys 5, PSP, Brainworkx,  Sonnox, Overloud, Antares, Audio Damage, IK Multimedia,  Sonimus,  Steinberg and many others.

Virtual InstrumentsVirtual Instruments include:

Some of the many include Vienna Instruments Strings, Omnishpere 2, Spectrasonics Keyscape, Lounge Lizard Virtual E Piano, Ivory Virtual Acoustic Piano, Easy Drummer 2, Trilian Virtual Bass Instrument, Miraslov Philharmonik, Sample Tank 3, and Sonic Synth Halion Sonic SE, Embracer, Monologue, Loop Mash, Groove Agent and more.