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Asheville Studio Construction

March 23, 2010 – Day One of Construction

Well day one of construction of Sound Temple Studios has finally arrived. The guys are cutting concrete for the plumbing and next the carpenters will be putting in the new stairs for easier access in and out of the studio. I’ve been waiting a long time to build my dream studio and this dream has started to take form. I’m thankful for this opportunity to have a world class studio to make beautiful music in. May this studio be a blessing to all involved. Many people have helped me along the way to get to this point and I’m also very thankful to ALL of them. Here’s a couple of pictures of the first day.

May 23, 2010

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and we are past the half way point now. I have a new stair case for easy access for musicians to the recording studio and (2) 1,000 pound steel beams supporting the upstairs (see pics) where the old stairs used to be. This was scary to watch the guys winch these colossal beams up in place and then put in the steel support columns to hold them up. Then we actually framed phase 2 (see pics) before phase 1 due the schedule of the carpenters. All the audio cable conduit and electrical conduit is in the floors. Then we had to get all the HVAC and electrical in the ceiling so the drywall guys could put up the Isomax clips, hat channel and (2) layers of drywall on the ceiling to isolate the studio from the upstairs. The back entrance door has been relocated and leads into the lounge or the studio. The drywall for the exterior shell of the studio will go up next week. All the plumbing rough is done now and my new bathroom/laundry room will be functional in a week or so (no more laundry mat!!). The interior studio walls go up the week of June 6 with more electrical, tech wiring and HVAC following close behind.

I look forward to the next blog that will show the latest progress.

June 7, 2010 – Outside Shell of Studio Complete

Sound Temple Studios in Asheville North Carolina has been moving along quite well in the last couple of weeks. This is gonna be a very quiet studio indeed. You can see in the pics that all the insulation was done on the outer shell walls. Next the Isomax clips were put up with the hat channel to hang the drywall on. The Isomax clips isolate the drywall on the walls from the framing and lowers the bleed from room to room in the studio by about 6 db or more. As you can see from one of the side views, we are also using 3 layers or 5/8 drywall as opposed to 2. This will be significant when an engineer is trying to get good separation on all the tracks and will make overdubbing and mixing easier.

So now the entire shell of the studio has drywall (ceiling and exterior walls). The framers arrive today to frame all the interior walls. By the end of this week the entire studio will take shape. This is a very exciting week indeed. I’ve also been working with Wes Lachot on picking out the colors and fabric to enhance the “Temple vibe” in the studio. I learned this week that the word Temple comes from the Latin word Templum which means “open space”. This is very fitting because the clockwise flow and floor plan do create a very open, flowing space in this recording studio studio. Musicians, engineers and record producers will surely appreciate this subtle energy flow when making music.

The next blog will show all the framing. Stay tuned.

June 30, 2010 – Recording Studio Inside Walls Framed and Wires in Place

You can really see how the whole studio lays out now. The live room is nice and big. The control room is as well. The iso-booths are roomy and will be very functional for all types of recording. Several people have said the shape of the control room looks like the Starship Enterprise. There’s about 1,300 feet of Cat6 wire in the walls for headphone monitoring, video and midi. (See pic of my tech wiring guys Thom Canova and Daniel) There’s Gepco 2,4,12 pair audio wire everywhere so that wherever you want to plug in and rock – it will be easy and quick. Gepco wire is physically identical to a high quality and famous brand of wire from the far east that begins with the letter M. 🙂 All the electrical has also been run in the walls including the special star ground outlets to keep away nasty hum and buzzing in the audio chain. I’ve had lots of people come by and given me some terrific feedback about the potential for Sound Temple Studios in the Asheville and Western North Carolina music and audio post scene. It seems that this studio will fill a wonderful niche in terms of it’s acoustics, size, equipment, and costs to record here.

Speaking of equipment – I am now the very proud owner of an SSL Matrix mixer. Sound Temple Studios will be the first studio in the area with a SSL console. Mixing through an SSL console gives your recording that sound that thousands of hit records have. Lots of musicians in town are very excited about this. Also, I have just purchased some amazing soffit mount main monitors. The Dynaudio M3As are amazing. This will be one of the most accurate sets of monitors to mix on in the area. Combine this with the near flat response control room down to 2ohz (designed by Wes Lachot) and producers, engineers, artists and bands will have a place to get some amazing mixes. There’s also some great new preamps and a microphone or 2 coming before completion.

Aug 9, 2010 – Soffits and Air Conditioning Ducts are in!

The past few weeks have been busy at Sound Temple Studios. All the air conditioning ducts and soffits are in the studio, control room, iso-booths and sound locks. Next up we have just a little more drywall, installing the air handler and ducts in the mechanical room, electrical panels and light cans. Everything moving along at a good pace.

Some other exciting news is that I will have a Yamaha C6 grand piano in the recording studio. This will be one of the few studios in the area with such a fine piano. Piano players will love this instrument, as will other producers, artists and engineers. It is in mint condition and sounds amazing.

Also, I just ordered an awesome set of Phattie drums (see Dennis Stauffer is one of the finest boutique drum makers in the country (he lives in Asheville) and I am proud to own and play his drums exclusively at Sound Temple Studios. The coolest thing is that he is matching the drums to the red oak wood trim in the studio!

Sept 21, 2010 – Drywall and Paint Done

There’s a lot to report from this past month or so at Asheville’s newest and most unique recording studio – Sound Temple Studios. All the drywall is done in phase 1 & 2 and all the painting is done except for the trim. The colors are all very warm and earthy. This should help create the spiritual vibe this recording studio is all about. In addition most of the electrical is complete except for the final lighting. Also most all the air-conditioning is done. Next week we start staining the floor. It’s gonna be a lot of work but should be beautiful after it’s stained and waxed. The following week the drop ceiling goes in phase 2. After that we start putting in doors and trim and then final acoustical treatments and final wiring. Right now we are projecting late October or early November to open our doors and start recording some music!!!. So far Asheville NC has been very welcoming to this recording studio and we are very grateful.

Oct 9, 2010 – Floor and Ceiling Done at Sound Temple Studios

Another few weeks of construction have passed at Sound Temple Studios in Asheville N.C. The stained and waxed concrete floors look really cool. Very much like a stone/marble kind of look. Very warm as you can see. It looks even better in person. Whew, 9 days (13 hours each day) to complete and my back is killing me. :-). Also, all the trim is sealed and ready to be put up starting this week. Lot’s of wood and this isn’t even all of it! The ceiling in phase 2 is done and was painted to match the walls. It’s a nice custom look. You can also see how the control room window wall will look from the live room where the musicians will be. Next week the trim goes in and the kitchenette will be put in. This recording studio sure is a labor of love and the energy gets better in here every week. Other music producers, engineers, artists and musicians will love making music in here. There’s a buzz going around Asheville and a lot of people are really looking forward to working here. I am blessed that it is turning out the way it is. It seems to be coming alive more and more each day.

Nov 1, 2010 – Sound Temple Studio’s Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

Here’s a pic of the 7 foot (well ok 6’11”) Yamaha Grand coming to Sound Temple Studios. This is a pic of it in it’s former home in a celebrity’s home studio in Nashville. It is in mint condition and has had very little use. The action and hammers are pristine. In case you are not familiar with the C6 it is just a few inches shorter than the more familiar C7. For recording the C6 is actually more desirable by some because of the action and the more balanced bass (tighter bass). Anyone who loves playing a real piano will love recording with this instrument. This will be one of the finest studio grand piano’s in Asheville and I am thrilled and blessed to have it.

Dec 7, 2010 – Final Acoustic Treatments for Sound Temple Studios

Well the final push to complete the Sound Temple Studios in Asheville N.C. is well underway. Two truck loads of acoustics have arrived! Everything is on schedule to be complete Dec 21st after a delay with the acoustical panels. The good news is all those acoustical panels are here! Brett Acoustics has bee putting up the track for the 705 acoustical material and putting in insulation for the soffit base trapping. The control room window is being built as I type as well. Since my last post, all the doors and most of the glass has been installed and lots of trim. The musicians lounge and artists suite is also complete. The Yamaha C-6 Grand Piano was also delivered last week and is getting used to it’s new home in the “Piano Booth”. The wiring crew arrives this sunday to start the final wiring and then the final pics and room tuning is scheduled with Wes Lachot (the amazing designer) on Dec 21st. More soon. I’m so thankful to see this final stage here at last!

Dec 10, 2010 – Sound Temple Studios 48 Hours Later

Well in just 48 hours a lot has happened at Sound Temple Studios in Asheville, NC. All the framed acoustic panels are up in the live room and the 705 material, insulation and some of the fabric is up in the soffits (for bass trapping). The acoustic cloud is also up in the live room and we have new colors on the control room window. Gone is the dark brown. Yea!!! I think everyone is going to love the beauty we’ve put into this studio. The acoustics are also amazing. This is a recording studio musicians will feel so peaceful and inspired in. I can’t wait to share my lifelong dream and make some inspiring music in this studio.

Dec 12, 2010 – Getting Closer

Just 2 days later the progress is pretty amazing. Most of the fabric is up on the soffits now. You can see all the panels in the live room and also a view from the control room of the double doors in the 3 iso-booths with sound panels in between. Also note the way every inch of fabric needs to be hand tucked into the soffits and some of the walls. Very time consuming and Brett Acoustics is doing an amazing job. These guys are perfectionists.

Dec 14, 2010 – Another 48 hours at Sound Temple Studios

Well the back wall of the control room is nearly done except for the RPG diffusers. The custom equipment credenza (built by a terrific cabinet maker and bass player – Rob Geisler) was installed just a couple of hours ago. The iso-booths should be done tomorrow after we made a small change with the sound panels. The live room is done and the final wiring is well on it’s way. Also, the Zero Seals are being added to every door to create a sound seal at every door opening. It;’s very exciting and overwhelming. I am blessed to have such a great crew. Tony Brett and his team and Thom Canova and his team are ROCKING IT as is my trim carpenter Don Thompson and my electrician Bob Hendrickson. Man it’s crowded down there.

Dec 26, 2010 – 168 Hours Later Sound Temple Studios Finished!

It has been quite a journey over the previous 14 months. This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I have ever done. I am so grateful to everyone who has assisted in this project. You can see the results of the control room, live room, the three isolation-booths, the lounge etc. There are also some shots of an impromptu celebration and a visit from Lizz Wright (a new Asheville resident), who graced us with her amazing voice with some Christmas carols. The pictures speak for themselves, so please enjoy. Many blessings

Well it’s been quite a journey over the last 14 months. This has bee one of the most challenging and rewarding thins I’ve ever done. I’m so grateful to everyone who has assisted in this project. You can see the results of the control room, live room, the 3 iso-booths, the lounge etc. There’s also some shots of an impromptu celebration and a visit form Lizz Wright (a new Asheville resident) who graced us with her amazing voice with some Christmas carols. The pictures speak for themselves I think so please enjoy. Many blessings