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About Us

Robert GeorgeRobert George has been producing and engineering new and seasoned artists from all around the country for over 30 years.  He has worked in almost every musical genre, and has also taught audio engineering at UNCA and does private audio tutoring as well.

Robert’s skills as a producer, engineer, drummer, and songwriter have led to the success of Sound Temple Studios over the past 10 years. Many clients record album after album with Robert, because he’s easy to work with and brings a positive energy to every project.

His work style is best described in his own words. “It’s my passion to bring forth the true creative expression from an artist or a group!  I try to shape the music into a form that is accessible, while totally honoring the intent of the musician”.

A graduate of The University of Miami School of Music, Robert has worked in major studios all over the country as well as his Asheville N.C. based Sound Temple Studios.  See list of clients here.