Sound Temple Recording Studios

& Robert George Productions – Asheville, NC

The Vibe

Whenever musicians talk about recording studios, they inevitably mention the vibe, even though most studio owners don’t. So what is a “vibe”? Well, the term vibe comes from vibration (a very appropriate term in music) and it takes energy to create a vibration. Sound Temple’s vibe is unlike any you have experienced before. When you first walk into the studio you probably won’t notice anything different – except that it is very beautiful, clean and neat. Soon after you will probably feel very comfortable and at home (unless you prefer a studio that’s ugly and dirty). Shortly after that, you’ll probably feel the positive energy. That positive energy comes from the vibe in the studio and it will inspire you and your music. This is what makes Sound Temple unique and this is what we are all about.

Wes Lachot, who has designed studios all over the world, was asked if he could lay the foundation for a very special “vibe” for Sound Temple. As it turns out, Wes had studied the architecture and acoustics of the great temples for years. It became immediately obvious that Wes was the right person for the job. After the initial plans were drawn up and during a year of construction, Wes drew on his vast experience, the designs of Frank Loyd Wright, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, the Five Elements, The Four Directions, The Fibonacci Scale, ¬†and The Golden Ratio to help create a very special and sacred “vibe” within a world class studio. A “sound temple” if you will. Owner Robert George shares some of the same passions as Wes, and supervised the construction process and influenced many aspects of the design. Together, they made a great team to create a truly unique studio.

The special vibe at Sound Temple also comes from the amazing energy of those who work here and the inspired music that is made here (along with a few other subtle touches by the owner). One other practical and important thing is the fresh mountain air piped into the studio 24 hours a day. Horn players and singers really understand the importance of fresh, clean air.

All these things come together to create a subtle but wonderful vibe at Sound Temple that will inspire your creativity in a significant way. So, even if you don’t understand all of this stuff, you will undoubtedly LOVE the feeling you get while making music at Sound Temple Studios. Isn’t that the most important thing?