Sound Temple Recording Studios

& Robert George Productions – Asheville, NC

Audio Post Production, ADR, Film Mixing, Voice Over, Jingles


Some of the recent ADR projects include The Magnificent Seven, Dirty Dancing 2, First Man, Room, Vikings (History Channel), Haven (many episodes), Get Shorty (EPIX) MacGyver (CBS), Uncommon Grace, Interrogation, and Ash Verses Evil and more.

In addition, we have recorded thousands of spoken voice projects over 30 years for commercials, documentaries, audio books, meditation CDs and more.

We have also  written and produced custom jingles for many types of bussinesses over the years and look forward to creating a “sound image” for your business.

There are many examples of commercials, jingles and narrations on our “listen” page.

Here’s our philosophy about sound production.  

Audio communicates 90% of the information even in long form video. The right mix of dialog, voiceover, music (vocal or instrumental), foley, and sound effects can make or break the mood and effectiveness of your video. To sell a product or tell your story, your audio has to be bold, creative, and of the highest quality, or your message will be lost. All this needs to be accomplished without the audio drawing too much attention when it’s not meant to be the focus. This is what Robert George Productions specializes in.

Great ideas and great talent are crucial ingredients for every project. High quality, creative audio production can then take everything to yet another level. Great equipment and a great studio are crucial, but it’s about how we apply these powerful tools that is key. A good engineer must know how to take a piece of copy or a script and hear in advance what is needed in the soundtrack. He must also make suggestions when appropriate, know when “a little icing on the cake” is needed, or when (more often) “less is more”.

Robert George Productions has been doing all this for 30 years. Let us do it for you on your next project here at Sound Temple Studios.

For audio post projects, our studios are equipped with Protools 12 as well as a 42 and 32 inch LG Hi Def video Monitor. We also use Source Connect Pro for live remote VO and ADR sessions to connect to other studios in real time.  This works like a traditional ISDN session but with better audio quality.

Please call or email for details.