Sound Temple Recording Studios

& Robert George Productions – Asheville, NC


The Sound Temple is a wonderful place to make and record music. Robert George is a consummate recording professional and brings a lovely artistic sensibility to all he touches.

As a long time Nashville Songwriter I spend most of my life in sound studios. None, in my experience, do a better job than The Sound Temple,  and none have better ‘ears’ watching over things than Robert George.


Robert really works to get the best sound possible!  This has been true with tracks recorded at Sound Temple Studios and with projects already recorded which I have brought to him.

The sound of the piano is excellent, the monitoring system is superb and Robert is very easy to work with. – Richard Shulman, pianist/composer, RichHeart Music

Richard Shulman
RichHeart Music

I’ve recorded several full length albums at Sound Temple studio in Asheville. Robert George has put together a very nice space with excellent gear. The vibe is great and totally professional.

It’s always a joy to spend time at Sound Temple!

Jeff Sipe

From the moment you step into Sound Temple Studios, you know that you are in a special place. The thought and execution that went into the recording space is exceptional. I appreciated the focus on the creative experience that is possible, only when the technical side of things is flawless. Sound Temple gives the recording artist every tool to get the job done and I can’t imagine ever coming out of there without an outstanding result.

Jim Arrendell
Singer, songwriter, producer, session musician

The Sound Temple gets it done right. Robert has created a beautiful space that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. You can spend all day in there and not miss being outside. He has great gear and he knows how to use it. All the isolation rooms have great sight-lines….this is something a lot of studios overlook and it is so important.

Zack Page – bass player
One Leg Up
Hard Bop Explosion
Bill Bares Trio
Eve Haslam and Satin Steel
The Archrivals

I had the great pleasure to work with Robert at Sound Temple for a multimedia project with The Bob Moog Foundation and my giant 22-oscillator modular Moog synthesizer (aka “The Wall of Doom”). Robert is a tremendous talent, a super fastidious personality whose attention to detail goes into everything from his recording and mixing work to the beautiful design and maintenance of the studio to the simple — but critical — details like the cleanliness of the kitchen and general welcoming feel of the studio. Sound Temple is a truly creative place where artists can be at their best in the capable care of Robert George.

Erik Norlander
?keyboardist, producer, sound designer

Sound Temple Studios was a great experience for making a record. Robert has a second sense for what is needed when tracking a project. He will give just enough input so that he’s not stifling the process, only helping it along. He payed such great attention to the construction of these rooms that he knows every corner and surface in the studio. So many times I’ve worked with an engineer who was just “punching the clock” and didn’t really have their heart invested in the project or the studio. Not Robert. His intention is to use the room and the artist to their full potential, unlocking amazing sounds and results. I’m definitely going back.

Mike Ashworth, Session Instrumentalist and Producer, Asheville NC

Robert George is a top notch engineer and producer, and Sound Temple Studios a gloriously cozy, beautifully appointed, spiritually suffused and sonically superb space! Come get some serious work done, be inspired, comfortable, and court the muse — and feel confident about the end result.

Billy Jonas – Singer-songwriter

I couldn’t have been happier with my time with and results from Robert George and Sound Temple Studios. From the relaxing vibe, to the high end gear, to that beautiful Yamaha grand – I hope to be back there soon.

Greg Varney, Contemporary Christian Singer/songwriter/piano player

I selected Robert George and Sound Temple Studio for my CD project for many reasons. First of all- Robert is the total package, with expertise as a highly efficient sound engineer/mixer and an experienced producer with great ears. He guided me from song development and CD concept to hiring the right musicians and co-production. Sound Temple studio is a beautiful space with first class equipment,-not to mention buddhas and salt lamps- and a delicious sounding Yamaha grand. PS: For those of you like me, who tend to get stressed-out in the studio, Robert can also be a great friend with just the right words to say at the right time.

Paula Hanke Singer/songwriteer

Great facilities in a quiet and peaceful setting! Robert was gracious and very accommodating in every way! LOVED the Yamaha C6! One of the finest studios in the region and most definitely in Asheville, NC!

 David S. Gaines, Pianist, Writer and Arranger

Recording at the Sound Temple was a wonderful experience. Robert got the sound I was looking for, and the facility is out of sight!

Jon Stickley with Jon Stickley Trio, Stickley Brothers, The Clurbs, Town Mountain, Shannon Whitworth Band

From song selection to rewriting & arranging, key and tempo selection, guide track determination (just in case), to the hand-picked ensemble we recorded with in Nashville, I relied on Robert’s hands-on studio guidance & technical expertise. Robert oversaw every decision and delivered the most rewarding musical experience of my life. He was not only able to “bring forth” my creativity, he has transformed my vision of my music and what I am ultimately capable of doing with it. It was the best investment of time, capital, and faith that I have ever made. If you want to live your dream, you will need a guide. Robert is mine.

Deater Kelley

We booked a day at Sound Temple to do the final mixing and listening for the new Fourchestra record. The monitors there are like listening through an audio microscope, which makes it easier to make really musical decisions when it comes to mixing. Not to mention, the comfortable working environment!

Jonathan Scales – Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

It is always a pleasure to do recording sessions at Sound Temple Studios. The combination of a sonically delightful room and great gear run by Robert’s expertise make my instruments sound rich.

River Guerguerian – Percussionist

I’ll soon be completing my first CD, which I recorded at Sound Temple Studios. I’ve learned a ton and I’m grateful for the whole experience. Robert listens with great care, during recording and in post, to the sound spectrum created by the various instruments and voices and is meticulous about optimizing everything he can at each point along the production path. The Yamaha piano is a total dream to play and to listen to once recorded. Robert and I had many healthy dialogs around a wide range of artistic choices, and he was good about sharing his perspective and explaining it whenever I asked. I think the CD genuinely reflects the best of both of our contributions and I’m extremely well pleased with the results!

Daniel Barber – Singer/songwriter


I am really digging the vibe, professionalism, and musicality of these sessions.

I hope we can make this a habit for any of your drumming (and production) needs for corporate, network, artists, and anything.

I’ve played on hundreds of recordings and I have had the most relaxing, creative, most production driven ideas openly accepted, and honestly the most fun sessions in my career with your studio, atmosphere, and your producer demeanor. You are a gift to the session musician that ventures beyond the studio to reach beyond the goal. Good for all of us!

Ray said once. “there are FOUR producers watching your back”. He was right. AND we all approve of your technique, skill, and ideas.

We all are producers but understand how to give YOU what YOU need to realize the clients vision and create what YOU and THE CLIENT see as the project.

Thank you for asking us and using our ideas for this project.

When it is all said and done, I will be proud to BUY this record.

Darrell Nut – Drummer



You have an amazing gift for correct sound and a phenomenal ear. I have never worked with a music producer before, but I truly feel I’m working with one of the best. You’ve been able with your talent to push and pull the best from me as a songwriter and as a musician, and I am certainly not extremely gifted at either, but I’ve always felt my music had something to say and I’ve always wanted to really say it, and through you and with you it is coming to fruition big time. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Spenceer Clark – Singer/Songwriter


“We’ve just listened the first version of mastering you did for our CD, and it sounds fantastic! We’re very happy with the overall sound, volume level, spacing, etc. I think this is the final version”.

Ian Ridenhour – Drummer/Piano Player/Singer/Songwriter