Sound Temple Recording Studios

& Robert George Productions – Asheville, NC

Sound Temple Studios is unlike any other you will experience.  Simply put, Sound Temple is a world class recording studio with a very special vibe. Completed in 2011, the studio was designed by Wes Lachot from Chapel Hill, NC.  It was voted in the top two studios in Western North Carolina in 2015  by Mountain Xpress readers.

The acoustics and layout of Sound Temple are impressive and unique. In designing the studio Wes Lachot used the The Fibonacci Scale and The Golden Ratio to create pure, balanced and harmonious acoustics in  all the rooms.  The result of all this is balanced, natural recordings with little or no EQ corrective necessary. The recording spaces include a rather large live room (10′ ceilings) that is great for recording drums, piano, solo instruments or ensembles. The three roomy iso-booths (yes, three) each have a unique sound with the middle booth having the most transparent acoustics with one entire wall of RPG Bad Panel Diffusors. The diffusors make the sonic footprint of the room nearly “disappear” when recording larger instruments like our Yamaha C6 grand piano or a drum kit. Overall there are a total of six recording/isolation spaces including the two smaller sound locks. If you would prefer to let everything “bleed” in one big acoustical space, the double doors in the 3 main iso-booths can open up for tons of ambient bleed right into the live room. Finally, there are great sight lines for everyone through windows no matter where you are in the studio.

Tracking and mixing in the control room is truly a wonderful experience. The large control room is treated with RPG Diffusers, RPG Bad Panels, custom bass traps and absorption. There are reflection free zones in the front and back so you trust what you hear. A prominent engineer recently commented that it was the best sounding control room he had ever heard. (See gallery of studio construction here.)

Opposite the studio is a beautiful lounge, kitchenette and artist’s bedroom/meditation room,   and a full bath and laundry facilities. This creates a wonderful artist apartment with free lodging available. Sound Temple really is a world class “destination studio”. Come and stay in the apartment, record in the amazing studio and enjoy the incredible mountains of North Carolina.

HeadshotOfMEOwner/engineer/producer Robert George has been working with new and seasoned artists from all over the country for over 30 years, has taught audio engineering at UNCA and does private audio tutoring  in the Asheville area. Robert is easy to work with and brings a positive energy to a project that can have a wonderful impact on the final outcome. His basic work style is best described in his own words. “It is my job and my joy to bring forth the true creative expression from an artist or group. During the recording process, this expression needs to be molded into a form that is accessible to as many people as possible while totally honoring the intent of the music and musicians”. A graduate of The University of Miami School of Music in 1980, he has worked in major studios in Miami, Nashville, his own studio in Florida and most recently his new studio in Asheville N.C. Robert’s skills as a recording engineer, producer, mastering engineer, songwriter, drummer, and businessman have laid the foundation for the success of Sound Temple Studios. See list of clients here.